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Wednesday, June 27th

We had a great time up at the Community Center. We got valuable input from the kids of the Rec Department's summer program as well as from the seniors at the Council on Aging.

We learned a few things. For one, kids in town have to have great access to activities on the water. They also love the idea of having some food trucks around - especially if they serve tacos and ice cream.

As one would assume, seniors have different needs. A recurring issue was how we deal with getting seniors to and from our hospital in Hyannis - the furthest trip of anywhere in the state! 

Monday, June 25th


We stopped folks outside of the library to chat about housing in Provincetown. We met young people with families, older folks who managed to get affordable housing, and summer workers who needed a safe room at a decent price. Some ideas suggested to tackle these issues was to develop a local program to support families strained by housing costs, continuing to use town land for affordable housing development, and working to get more good-paying year-round jobs in town.


Cards Everywhere!

Keep an eye out for our colorful, informational cards around town. We hope you'll fill them out and drop them at one of our collection boxes. We have a big collection box in the lobby at Town Hall, but we also have smaller ones at the community center, the library, and the community development department.

Wednesday, June 13th

Our kickoff was a huge success! We had 30 people come into Town Hall for 4 different fast-paced charrettes (urban planner speak for activities). These covered topics like how we should design housing in our community, how we can keep good jobs we have while encouraging the creation of others, and what we should do with public spaces around town.

Don't worry if you missed it - you can provide input right here! Click on "Provide Input" at the top of the screen and take our survey.