Town of Provincetown


The Local Comprehensive Plan (LCP) is the guiding document for the Town. It covers all aspects of the built and natural environments, and most importantly how we interact with them.

The Town adopted our last LCP in the year 2000. The process of updating the plan was begun in 2016, and we are on track to have an update ready for adoption at the Fall 2019 Town Meeting.

The LCP update process is guided by a 7-member board that was appointed by the Select Board in May 2018. The members are:

  • Elaine Anderson

  • Ginny Binder

  • Max Cliggott-Perlt

  • Tom Coen

  • Steve Katsurinis

  • Steven Latasa-Nicks

  • Lynne Martin

We need your input throughout this process to produce the best plan possible. Please explore the site and stay in touch.